How to Care For Physical Wellness

How to Care For Physical Wellness
Physical wellness is the ability to engage in life activities without undue physical
strain or fatigue. It includes eating a balanced diet voyagetimes, regular exercise, maintaining
healthy weight and abstaining from harmful habits (tobacco use, alcohol abuse) to
prevent disease and promote optimal health.

7 Ways to Promote Physical Wellness in the Workplace
Care for your physical wellness by incorporating the following tips into
your daily life:
1. Move more and sit less!
Sedentary behavior is linked to a variety of medical problems, including obesity and
heart disease. Even small amounts of movement can have major benefits for your
health. Make it a habit to walk for 30 minutes or more five times a week.
2. Drink plenty of water!
A good amount of water helps keep you hydrated, gives you more energy and aids
digestion. It also helps reduce stress and boosts your mood. Try to drink a glass of
water each hour to help maintain your hydration level.
3. Wash your hands often with soap and water!
Germs and viruses can be passed from person to person when someone touches
something that is contaminated, such as doorknobs, phones, computers or food
utensils. The best way to avoid germs is to always wash your hands with soap and
water before and after you eat or when you are around others.
4. Get your annual checkups and recommended screenings!
Getting annual checkups is important for your health and your family’s health.
Schedule recommended screenings and make your dental, eye and medical
appointments a priority.

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5. Make time to socialize with friends and family!
Our friends and family support us physically, emotionally and mentally. Taking the
time to spend with people you love will not only reduce your stress, but also increase
self-esteem and lead to better decisions.
6. Hire a coach or trainer to improve your fitness and nutrition!
Whether you need help setting up a new workout routine or are looking for an expert
to give you the accountability you need, a professional will guide you toward your
goals. Consider hiring a personal trainer, coach or dietician to make the process
easier and more successful.
You can also fire a bad influence in your life that is preventing you from reaching
your physical wellness goals! For example, if you have a friend who is constantly
telling you to sit down and relax, it may be time to part ways.

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